Ensuring Your Plants Are Tended As You Go Fishing With Planta App

When the fishing season comes around, it is easy to forget everything else and focus on your angling businesses. However, there are some things that cannot take neglect. Pets and house plants are good examples of things that cannot go unattended for extended periods.

Thankfully, there is a lovely app that can help you take care of your plants and enjoy your fishing expeditions at the same time. Read on to understand how you can find this intricate balance.

Planta Houseplant Care App

The Planta App from Getplanta.com is your answer to any plant care challenges that may arise as you go fishing. It has numerous features that come in handy whether you are going out every day or for several days. When going away for an extended period of fishing, it is likely that you will leave your houseplants in the care of someone else.

A third party caregiver may not exactly understand your plant care schedule. The reminder feature on the Planta App would greatly help such a person to know when they need to perform certain actions. Watering is the most crucial routine; the app ensures it is not forgotten. Even when you are going out fishing every morning, the app reminds you to water your plants before you head out.

The Light Meter is another important feature that you should have your plant caregiver get conversant with. As light intensity changes (and also with artificial lights) the needs of house plants change. This feature will help the person you leave behind to know how to move the plants around or how to adjust the lighting.

Dr. Planta, a health feature of the app, is another important tool. While you are away on your angling trip, the person taking care of your plants may notice changes in their behavior. They may use this app to diagnose the possible issue affecting the plants. Alternatively, they can report the symptoms to you. With the app, you will be able to tell what such symptoms mean and give appropriate directions.

The Planta App is a small but handy tool that ensures your plants do not suffer when you are out fishing. With the app, you can tend to your plants before leaving or leave them in the hands of a less experienced person when you go fishing. This way, you can have as much fun as you like reeling in your catch without having to worry about neglecting your house plants.