Fishing And Augmentation

Both fishing and augmentation have become very popular in recent years. The former is far older as it predates the written word. No one knows how long human beings have been surviving on fish. Eventually catching these animals grew into a hobby. People started to do it more for fun than food.

In contrast, historians can easily trace the origins of augmentation. Until very recently cosmetic procedures were very rudimentary. They were sometimes done without any anaesthetic. The results tended to be far from realistic looking. Luckily modern medicine has come a long way. People can visit the website if they want modern implants. Their products will leave patients with an enhanced aesthetic.

Do Fishing Fans Undergo Augmentation?

There have been no studies made about the correlation between fishing and plastic surgery. However, it is very likely that some people enjoy both. They would need to have a fair amount of disposable income to afford medical costs and seafaring equipment. Furthermore, these people would tend to be found in developed countries with a strong economy.

People Of Retirement Age

When someone has worked for enough years they can cease employment and enjoy plenty more free time. The standard age for retirement will vary between different countries. It is very common for retirees to try out fishing as a hobby. This is due to the fact that they have more hours to spare during the day. In the past older women would have been unable to obtain implants due to potential medical risks. Modern medicine has made it possible for people of retirement age to undergo augmentation procedures without any side effects. Consequently older members of the public are able to fish and augment their appearance.

Fishing Clothes

When going out to sea on a fishing trip the person must wear the right kind of clothing. If their natural body shape gets in the way of this then they could decide to change it via a surgical procedure. Therefore augmentation can help people to get the most out of fishing.

Staying As Safe As Possible

Deep sea fishing poses several hazards. The person needs to make the right safety preparations. This can involve checking weather forecasts, packing life jackets and receiving emergency training. Meanwhile, those who undergo augmentation need to choose the most reliable provider if they want to stay safe. They can visit to find trained and experienced medical professionals.

Design and Fishing

Fishing, or angling as it is sometimes referred to, is a hobby enjoyed by many globally. It is widely known as the most participative sport around the world. This means more people fish than play such popular sports as soccer, baseball, tennis, and golf. The reasons for going fishing are varied from catching something to eat to pitting your skills against the wily fish and outwitting it by your choice of tactics. Suppose you are an enthusiastic fisherman or angler. In that case, you are most likely keen on adorning your surroundings in the home or office with stylish fish-related items. This is where the site comes in handy.

Why Consider Royal Design?

Royal Design is one of the largest online retailers of stylish homeware in the world. They offer a vast selection of products from some of the best designers in Scandinavia and Europe. The list of products is as follows:

  • Serving and tableware
  • Textiles and rugs
  • Home decor
  • Lighting
  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Kitchenware

They also provide items from such illustrious design-houses as

  • Lladro
  • Georg Jensen
  • Royal Copenhagen
  • littala
  • Arabia
  • Villeroy plus many more

However, of particular interest to anglers is the range of fish-related or fish-inspired items that they supply.

Royal Design Products

In all, Royal Design offers around 747 fish-inspired products. You can purchase everything from fish cutlery, fish serving plates, filleting knives, fish decorations, shell-fish crackers, fish drainers, and a unique bamboo fish pendant light. So whatever your tastes, you can be sure to find a suitable fish-related stylish object for your home or office. All products can be easily browsed for on their site, enabling you to chooses searches by designer, maker, color, material, and function. All items are keenly priced, and a conditional money-back guarantee is offered as well as fast delivery options around the world.


Fishing is undoubtedly a popular and fascinating sport. It is practiced throughout the world as it has been for centuries. Why not add to the buzz with some elegantly stylish fish-inspired products to adorn your own space? Check out Royal Design now to see how they can help with your selection.

Helpful Tips to Consider When Going for Fishing

Many people around the globe engage in fishing activities. They can make an income through this activity and may also enjoy fishing as a sport. However, catching fish entails more than just walking into a river or a lake with a fishing net. You will only be successful in this field if you have fishing skills and know the best fishing sites.

In this article, we have provided useful information to consider when fishing.

Identify the Best Fishing Site

The best thing you need to do before fishing is to identity a fish harbour. That means you may find many different species of fish to catch. If you know a site with many fish, it will be easier to catch many and find a market for them. Some people can specialise in this sector for many years if they find a location that harbours many fish.

Buy Fishing Equipment

When it comes to fishing, people must wear the right gear. They also need adequate equipment to help them in catching fish. Since many entrepreneurs supply fishing equipment, it’s easy to identify the ones that meet your needs. A motorboat can also be essential when it comes to fishing in deep seas. It will help people catch large quantities of fish and make a significant income.

Consider Fishing in Safe Locations

You might have plans to catch fish in any location due to the existence of many fishing grounds. However, people who engage in this activity must go fishing in secured areas. Do some research and know about the safety of a place before heading there. Avoid fishing in dangerous zones for safety reasons. This way, you’ll have fun when engaging in this activity.

Bottom Line

Fishing may seem easy, but people need to consider some things before they engage in this activity. If you’re planning to engage in this field, view the information outlined in this guide.

Ensuring Your Plants Are Tended As You Go Fishing With Planta App

When the fishing season comes around, it is easy to forget everything else and focus on your angling businesses. However, there are some things that cannot take neglect. Pets and house plants are good examples of things that cannot go unattended for extended periods.

Thankfully, there is a lovely app that can help you take care of your plants and enjoy your fishing expeditions at the same time. Read on to understand how you can find this intricate balance.

Planta Houseplant Care App

The Planta App from is your answer to any plant care challenges that may arise as you go fishing. It has numerous features that come in handy whether you are going out every day or for several days. When going away for an extended period of fishing, it is likely that you will leave your houseplants in the care of someone else.

A third party caregiver may not exactly understand your plant care schedule. The reminder feature on the Planta App would greatly help such a person to know when they need to perform certain actions. Watering is the most crucial routine; the app ensures it is not forgotten. Even when you are going out fishing every morning, the app reminds you to water your plants before you head out.

The Light Meter is another important feature that you should have your plant caregiver get conversant with. As light intensity changes (and also with artificial lights) the needs of house plants change. This feature will help the person you leave behind to know how to move the plants around or how to adjust the lighting.

Dr. Planta, a health feature of the app, is another important tool. While you are away on your angling trip, the person taking care of your plants may notice changes in their behavior. They may use this app to diagnose the possible issue affecting the plants. Alternatively, they can report the symptoms to you. With the app, you will be able to tell what such symptoms mean and give appropriate directions.

The Planta App is a small but handy tool that ensures your plants do not suffer when you are out fishing. With the app, you can tend to your plants before leaving or leave them in the hands of a less experienced person when you go fishing. This way, you can have as much fun as you like reeling in your catch without having to worry about neglecting your house plants.

Used Fishing Boats: What to Look for When Buying One

When the weather begins to warm up, people start thinking about ways of getting to the wilderness to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. And if fishing from a boat is on your to-do list, you might consider buying a fishing boat.

Buying a used fishing boat can be a fantastic way of saving money while enjoying its perks. As far as the boat business goes, it would help if you did some due diligence to ensure you find a great vessel. Here are a few things that you should look for when scouting for a used fishing boat.

Engine Hours

Engine hours tell how long a boat has been in operation, just like a car’s mileage. The lower the number of engine hours, the less the boat has been in use. But if you are to purchase a boat with long hours, make sure the previous seller has detailed maintenance logs.


If you are a passionate boater, you might already have a trailer and other fishing essentials. In light of this, you should pay attention to the boat’s size and its fit to the existing trailer. However, if all you want is to upgrade to a bigger boat, keep in mind that you might need a new trailer altogether.

Wear and Tear

Do not just fall for the boat’s general outlook; make sure you have a full inspection of the boat. For instance, you should look for gouges and cracks, which could later lead to leaks. Anything beyond normal wear and tear is a possible cause of alarm.

Research is vital when buying a fishing boat. Do not settle for less or get scared when shopping for a used boat. There are plenty of decent options out there; you only need to do your homework.

How To Enhance a Fishing Experience When You’ve Got Arthritis

Arthritis is just about the most inconveniencing disease that exists. When a person suffers from this disease of the joints, they look healthy but any task that involves movement becomes a pain, literally. Simple tasks like walking and hauling light boxes and fun activities like fishing become a nightmare.

Thankfully, there are people who dedicate time to come up with gadgets that make tasks bearable for people suffering from arthritis. In this article, we look at some of these gadgets and other ways in which such people can enjoy a classic fishing experience.

The Arthritis Fishing Rod

The fishing rod is the main tool for angling, so it is only logical that the arthritis concern is addressed from that point. Since arthritis causes inflammation and makes it hard to move joints, an arthritis-friendly fishing rod should seek to reduce the hand movements needed to operate it.

Experts have noted that gripping a thin rod causes specific pain for people with rheumatoid arthritis. The ergonomic fishing rod for people with arthritis is, thus, simply modified by making the handle a bit thicker. It is then improved with curves cut in the shape of the hand. This way, one does not have to stretch a lot to get a good grip.

Firm Footwear

When fishing, the main focus goes to where the line is. It is easy to lose concentration of where one is stepping. While this is a small concern for people with strong legs, those with osteoarthritis of the knee may find themselves in a pain pit if they slip.

For this reason, there are special angling shoes for people with arthritis. Such shoes are made with deliberately treaded soles to give traction when standing in the edge. Funnily, the shoes initially designed for anglers with arthritis are quickly gaining universal popularity.

Compression Sleeves

Compression sleeves, usually made of copper, are attached to the affected joint to act as props. Since copper is light, the compression sleeves do not really increase the weight of the wrist, elbow or whatever joint they are attached to.

Rubber Support

Like in any sport, elastic rubber support comes in handy when angling. The good thing with these accessories is that they are available for just about every joint on the body.

Besides having the right equipment for angling, people with arthritis also need to take some precautions. First of all, go slow on fishing. You are no longer the genius you used to be; take breaks and rest. If you are over 45, the point at which arthritis often starts kicking in, reserve fishing as an activity to enjoy with your young ones rather than proving your mastery. Do not fish for extended periods and do not fish too often.

The Combination of Sport and Fishing: Learn Spearfishing

As a special kind of sport, spearfishing is increasing in popularity all around the world recently. Initially, this method of fishing is known to be an ancient way of hunting species in oceans and seas. With primitive hunting tools designed explicitly for underwater conditions, ancient people used to catch the fish, and bring them to the table on the same day. Currently, spearfishing is recognised as a combination of sports and fishing activity, while allowing people to enjoy both sides of the coin. With spearfishing, the [wonderful sport of fishing: ] is turned into a professional and challenging branch of extreme sport, which requires the intensive use of freediving techniques as well.

Spearfishing: What You Need to Know as a Beginner

People who are involved in spearfishing need to adapt their bodily functions, according to essential freediving rules. Practising yoga all year long, continuing with fitness activities, swimming regularly, doing try-outs in static and dynamic apnea, can increase people’s performance in holding their breath underwater. Using the right spearfishing gear is also very important. Just for this aim, some freedivers are transferring their spearfishing equipment from their home countries to diving spots, with the help of companies such as movon, and they use this professional gear during spearfishing activity.

Before You Start Spearfishing, Keep These Tips in Mind

Good spearfishers are very good freedivers. Therefore, the rules of apnea apply mostly for spearfishers as well. Here is a comprehensive list of main principles that you need to know before you start your spearfishing adventure:

  • Safety First: Your life is more important than the fish, therefore never dive alone, but always with a dive buddy. The shallow water blackouts can be prevented with a dive buddy’s help
  • Certification is a Must: Complete one of the international freediving training courses offered either by CMAS, SSI, PADI or AIDA
  • Advanced Scuba or Freediving Training: Being a beginner in freediving might not help you a lot when it comes to spearfishing. Try to increase the number of your dives, before you actually start professional spearfishing.
  • Go for Smaller Fish First: You don’t need to be the best hunter of the ocean on the first day. Keep your target small in the first place.

Getting to Know Spearfishing Equipment and Techniques

Knowing your equipment in spearfishing is like knowing your colleagues in a particular project. The right spearfishing gear is there to help you enjoy your time underwater. Therefore, possessing the correct equipment underwater can help you save time, energy and breath. Here is a short list of must-know points about spearfishing equipment:

  • The Mask and Snorkel: Preferably a silicone skirted diving mask which is resilient for specific depths. The snorkel can be a simple one
  • Fins: Freediving bifins will help you increase your speed if you need it underwater
  • Wetsuits: Please use two-piece freediving neoprene for spearfishing practice
  • Weight: You should arrange the amount of weight on the belt so that your buoyancy is under control
  • Guns: Preferably rubber powered spearguns which are especially popular in New Zealand.

Trout Fishing: The Perfect Way to Spend a Sunday Afternoon

Picture this: it’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the sun is shining, and you make your way down a winding forest path, then you happen upon the perfect river full of trout. You set up your fishing stool under the shade of a large tree, you have your fishing rod ready and plenty of food packed to keep you going. You can hear the sound of the water flowing, there is nobody around for miles, the birds are looking at you curiously as if they are wondering whether you really will be able to catch the fish any better than they can. What better way to spend your weekend than by catching some delicious freshwater trout?

It’s better to go fishing when you are in full health because it is a little more physical than what is looks. If you are feeling under the weather, why not seek advice from for added convenience. Trout are usually found in flowing cold rivers but can also be caught in lakes. Two of the tastiest varieties are the rainbow trout and the brown trout and are well worth the time and effort to catch. The abundance of these fish and the idyllic location you will find them – mostly in the isolated forest rivers – make them a really attractive fish to seek out. If you live in America, then the Catskills and Hudson Valley regions in New York State are among the most popular locations for anglers, as reported in the Guardian newspaper, but one thing to take into consideration though is that some countries or states may require a freshwater fishing license, so do make sure you operate within the constraints of the law.

Once you have researched which river is going to be your target fishing spot, the next thing you need to consider is the bait. The most common choice of natural bait to catch trout is live earthworms, although others may opt for alternatives, like salmon roe or corn kernels. But, perhaps the most popular type of bait for trout fishing is dough bait, such as PowerBait, which has an irresistible aroma and flavor to trout. You will also need to have some kind of lure to entice the fish to take the bait, for example you can suspend the bait under a bobber, or even go for the spinner option. In general, river trout will grow up to 1 foot in length, so really you want to have a light or ultralight rod and tackle, and you want to have a line that is tested for a weight of 4-8 lbs.

Now you have chosen the perfect river and have all the necessary fishing equipment prepared, the next thing you will require is time and patience. It is wonderful to be at one with nature, but let’s be honest, if you are out all day, there will be times when you want to check your phone for messages or to look something up on the internet to help you with your fishing technique.

Salmon Fishing Fans

All lovers of fishing are eventually drawn to salmon fishing for the sheer challenge. Salmon do not find their way to the rivers to eat, and once they find freshwater, they live off their existing energy reserves. They do not need food, so they can be a difficult fish to catch, especially for beginners. Fishing for salmon is, therefore, a different experience and needs some tips and tricks to master. The more experienced anglers even enter salmon fishing competitions which exist the world over. There are many different ways to fish salmon too, from multiple lines on a boat, to fly fishing alone or in groups. Float fishing and trolling are the ultimate choices for a relaxing fishing trip on a lake. Those in search of the spawning fish in the streams and rivers will stand the best chance of enticing a bite with the use of egg sacks. Whichever you choose, salmon fishing is an opportunity to enjoy the excitement of the sport in the beauty of nature.

The Powerful Salmon

Salmon are sleek and powerful, often called the King of fish, and renowned for their sporting qualities. The name covers several varieties of fish from the Salmonidae family, all of which are born in fresh water. They later migrate down to the sea where they will mature into adults. Salmon, therefore, have some fascinating and unique adaptations. These allow them to survive in both freshwater and saltwater, which is not normally possible for fish. They can travel for huge distances over their lifetime, searching for feeding grounds at sea, and then returning to the rivers to reproduce. With exceptional navigation skills, they are known to find their way home to the specific place of their birth. There are two main types of salmon, named after the oceans they inhabit: the Atlantic and Pacific. Usually a light colour in the sea, their bodies turn the familiar red when it is time to spawn. They are highly prized by the avid fisherman, who will travel long distances when there are plenty of fish in the river spawning, for the challenge of a bite.

The Best Places To Fish

The salmon fishing season starts in January and lasts until November. Usually late spring and autumn are the best, but many rivers can be fished during the summer too. Scotland is probably one of the premier countries for Atlantic salmon and Canada for the Pacific salmon, but you can fish everywhere from Ireland to Alaska. Not only can you enjoy world-class angling, but you can enjoy the other attractions of the country and make a holiday of it with There is a host of culture to enjoy along with salmon fishing too. For instance, the Pacific salmon have been significant in religions and economies for millennia. Historically, salmon has been an important part of the Native American culture and they appear in many Pictish stone carvings. They were also critical to the development of the Canadian economy. You can literally follow the fascinating life of this fish around the world.

Big Game Fishing For Beginners

Big game fishing has been practised as a recreational sport for some time now. Lured by the excitement of catching fish that can sometimes be as huge as humans, participants in this sport are known to take their expeditions to remote and far-flung locations, as they chase the biggest catch. If you feel like this is the sport for you, then there are a few things that you have to master to be able to succeed. The first thing is to make sure that you have the right fishing equipment. These giant sea creatures are very strong and they can easily break their hold and free themselves. You should also use the right lures, as failure to do this may end up with you catching nothing at all.

The Right Location For Big Game Fishing

There is a lot that you have to consider before embarking on a big game fishing expedition. Key among these factors is the right location. These creatures are found in specific locations in the sea and you will definitely have to set sail to increase your likelihood of catching any fish. All the sports fishermen will tell you that nothing beats catching a blue marlin when it comes to big game fishing. Anglers the world over ponder over the question “where to catch giant blue Marlin?” and it is only after figuring out the answer to this question that you should embark on big game fishing. The various locations where you can find the blue marlin include Cairns in Australia, the pacific waters of Kona Hawaii, Madeira Portugal, as well as Tahiti and French Polynesia.

The Right Tools For Big Game Fishing

Big game fishing gets a lot less complicated when you have the right tools and equipment. The reel that you use on your fishing rod should be strong enough to withstand the strain and pull of a marlin or other big fish. Poor quality reels can explode when a charging marlin tries to wriggle itself free and this could cost you your big moment. The fishing lures you use also influence your success with big game fishing. Lures can be made to be bright in color and there are those that are also dark. Bright lures are ideal when it is clear and sunny, while dull lures should be used on dull days. The hooks on these lures should be very strong for a proper grip on the catch. You can find all this fishing equipment and much more at Barnebys online auction. With several houses represented on the site, anglers can find anything that they need in one user-friendly place.