The Combination of Sport and Fishing: Learn Spearfishing

As a special kind of sport, spearfishing is increasing in popularity all around the world recently. Initially, this method of fishing is known to be an ancient way of hunting species in oceans and seas. With primitive hunting tools designed explicitly for underwater conditions, ancient people used to catch the fish, and bring them to the table on the same day. Currently, spearfishing is recognised as a combination of sports and fishing activity, while allowing people to enjoy both sides of the coin. With spearfishing, the [wonderful sport of fishing: ] is turned into a professional and challenging branch of extreme sport, which requires the intensive use of freediving techniques as well.

Spearfishing: What You Need to Know as a Beginner

People who are involved in spearfishing need to adapt their bodily functions, according to essential freediving rules. Practising yoga all year long, continuing with fitness activities, swimming regularly, doing try-outs in static and dynamic apnea, can increase people’s performance in holding their breath underwater. Using the right spearfishing gear is also very important. Just for this aim, some freedivers are transferring their spearfishing equipment from their home countries to diving spots, with the help of companies such as movon, and they use this professional gear during spearfishing activity.

Before You Start Spearfishing, Keep These Tips in Mind

Good spearfishers are very good freedivers. Therefore, the rules of apnea apply mostly for spearfishers as well. Here is a comprehensive list of main principles that you need to know before you start your spearfishing adventure:

  • Safety First: Your life is more important than the fish, therefore never dive alone, but always with a dive buddy. The shallow water blackouts can be prevented with a dive buddy’s help
  • Certification is a Must: Complete one of the international freediving training courses offered either by CMAS, SSI, PADI or AIDA
  • Advanced Scuba or Freediving Training: Being a beginner in freediving might not help you a lot when it comes to spearfishing. Try to increase the number of your dives, before you actually start professional spearfishing.
  • Go for Smaller Fish First: You don’t need to be the best hunter of the ocean on the first day. Keep your target small in the first place.

Getting to Know Spearfishing Equipment and Techniques

Knowing your equipment in spearfishing is like knowing your colleagues in a particular project. The right spearfishing gear is there to help you enjoy your time underwater. Therefore, possessing the correct equipment underwater can help you save time, energy and breath. Here is a short list of must-know points about spearfishing equipment:

  • The Mask and Snorkel: Preferably a silicone skirted diving mask which is resilient for specific depths. The snorkel can be a simple one
  • Fins: Freediving bifins will help you increase your speed if you need it underwater
  • Wetsuits: Please use two-piece freediving neoprene for spearfishing practice
  • Weight: You should arrange the amount of weight on the belt so that your buoyancy is under control
  • Guns: Preferably rubber powered spearguns which are especially popular in New Zealand.