Trout Fishing: The Perfect Way to Spend a Sunday Afternoon

Picture this: it’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the sun is shining, and you make your way down a winding forest path, then you happen upon the perfect river full of trout. You set up your fishing stool under the shade of a large tree, you have your fishing rod ready and plenty of food packed to keep you going. You can hear the sound of the water flowing, there is nobody around for miles, the birds are looking at you curiously as if they are wondering whether you really will be able to catch the fish any better than they can. What better way to spend your weekend than by catching some delicious freshwater trout?

It’s better to go fishing when you are in full health because it is a little more physical than what is looks. If you are feeling under the weather, why not seek advice from for added convenience. Trout are usually found in flowing cold rivers but can also be caught in lakes. Two of the tastiest varieties are the rainbow trout and the brown trout and are well worth the time and effort to catch. The abundance of these fish and the idyllic location you will find them – mostly in the isolated forest rivers – make them a really attractive fish to seek out. If you live in America, then the Catskills and Hudson Valley regions in New York State are among the most popular locations for anglers, as reported in the Guardian newspaper, but one thing to take into consideration though is that some countries or states may require a freshwater fishing license, so do make sure you operate within the constraints of the law.

Once you have researched which river is going to be your target fishing spot, the next thing you need to consider is the bait. The most common choice of natural bait to catch trout is live earthworms, although others may opt for alternatives, like salmon roe or corn kernels. But, perhaps the most popular type of bait for trout fishing is dough bait, such as PowerBait, which has an irresistible aroma and flavor to trout. You will also need to have some kind of lure to entice the fish to take the bait, for example you can suspend the bait under a bobber, or even go for the spinner option. In general, river trout will grow up to 1 foot in length, so really you want to have a light or ultralight rod and tackle, and you want to have a line that is tested for a weight of 4-8 lbs.

Now you have chosen the perfect river and have all the necessary fishing equipment prepared, the next thing you will require is time and patience. It is wonderful to be at one with nature, but let’s be honest, if you are out all day, there will be times when you want to check your phone for messages or to look something up on the internet to help you with your fishing technique.