How To Enhance a Fishing Experience When You’ve Got Arthritis

Arthritis is just about the most inconveniencing disease that exists. When a person suffers from this disease of the joints, they look healthy but any task that involves movement becomes a pain, literally. Simple tasks like walking and hauling light boxes and fun activities like fishing become a nightmare.

Thankfully, there are people who dedicate time to come up with gadgets that make tasks bearable for people suffering from arthritis. In this article, we look at some of these gadgets and other ways in which such people can enjoy a classic fishing experience.

The Arthritis Fishing Rod

The fishing rod is the main tool for angling, so it is only logical that the arthritis concern is addressed from that point. Since arthritis causes inflammation and makes it hard to move joints, an arthritis-friendly fishing rod should seek to reduce the hand movements needed to operate it.

Experts have noted that gripping a thin rod causes specific pain for people with rheumatoid arthritis. The ergonomic fishing rod for people with arthritis is, thus, simply modified by making the handle a bit thicker. It is then improved with curves cut in the shape of the hand. This way, one does not have to stretch a lot to get a good grip.

Firm Footwear

When fishing, the main focus goes to where the line is. It is easy to lose concentration of where one is stepping. While this is a small concern for people with strong legs, those with osteoarthritis of the knee may find themselves in a pain pit if they slip.

For this reason, there are special angling shoes for people with arthritis. Such shoes are made with deliberately treaded soles to give traction when standing in the edge. Funnily, the shoes initially designed for anglers with arthritis are quickly gaining universal popularity.

Compression Sleeves

Compression sleeves, usually made of copper, are attached to the affected joint to act as props. Since copper is light, the compression sleeves do not really increase the weight of the wrist, elbow or whatever joint they are attached to.

Rubber Support

Like in any sport, elastic rubber support comes in handy when angling. The good thing with these accessories is that they are available for just about every joint on the body.

Besides having the right equipment for angling, people with arthritis also need to take some precautions. First of all, go slow on fishing. You are no longer the genius you used to be; take breaks and rest. If you are over 45, the point at which arthritis often starts kicking in, reserve fishing as an activity to enjoy with your young ones rather than proving your mastery. Do not fish for extended periods and do not fish too often.