Historical Fishing Tools


With all of the technology that is is available today the tools and equipment that are used for fishing have changed dramatically. Fishing is now becoming a form of a technology where some of the equipment can actually be used to target where the fish actually are. Going back in time looking at the simplicity that fishing tools were comprised of yet provided great success creates quite a contrast.

Historically all one needed to fish was something that could be used as a pole which could even be comprised of a stiff branch from a tree. Attached to this would be some form of line to which a simple fishing hook would be attached. It could be even more primitive than that and be comprised of nothing more than a straight pole to which a spearhead was added. Then a skilled fishermen would wait patiently watching clear waters for the fish to come by so they could be speared.

As time evolved fishing reels became a part of the tackle that was to be used which presented less of a challenge for having to land the catch of the day.